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 What's the real definition of muslim?Muslim is an arabic language word,which means : Slave to Allah and not any other thing or any other person,just for Allah.What Allah wants from any person?Allah wants from all the humans to be muslims through the behavior of islam life.So what's this behavior?It's believing;firstly,from your heart and not just with speaking that Allah is one and only,he didn't born or has a son or marriage or has wife or a mother or father or grandmother or grand father or he's created from coincidence and this coincidence is created from another coincidence,etc.This is the most important and "Dangerous" idea ,because Allah said:

 he forgive anything,yes anything,but only thing,he can't forgive it,is that to think that he has a son,because,he is not a creature or creation,he is the creato of everything universe,stars,galaxies,nebulas,extraterrestrials,angels,humans,Jins,animals,rivers,mountains,nature,there's not"mother nature",there's Allah who created her and the beauty is not from her,is from Allah,and how much,the nature is beautiful here on earth,believe me,in paradise(Aljannah),i ask Allah that you and me,be ones of her habitants,your nature that you'll choose and ask Allah to give it to you is more and more beautiful,in paradise you can ask everything that's comes in your mind,if you want for example a great sea,with different animals that you can speak with them with any language,you'll have,and more and more,you can't imagine and Allah said that in Quran and Sunnah(All that prophet Muhamad,SAS,said and did in his daily life).All this for just a cause : belive that Allah is the one and only,there's not god but Allah : ATTAWHEED.

    Then,you do your daily prayes,five prayes per day,in different times,whose chosen to be in direct relation with Allah and this help every person with his daily difficulties,through given an energy,soul energy.Then the Jomoaa(Friday) prayer in Mosque,this day is the day that our father Adam was created,in this day,the prophet Moussa or Moise,peace and blessings be upon him,talked to Allah through Hijab(he didn't see Allah) ,this day will be witness in day of judgement of every good thing that you did through it,every friday to the end of life.Then you do Ramadan,you do the two Aids : Aid  after ramadan and Aid of sheep.

  The most important after all this,is to live your daily life,normally,with smiling face,with helping others if they needs help or something,you see your friends,family,you marry if you can,in islam there's no sex out of marriage and the causes are clears,no alcohol drink,no smoking...

   Now,Allah,inform us through Quran and Sunnah(all the prophet Muhammad,peace be upon him,said and did in his daily life),that all the universe is muslim for Allah,but let's talking just for humanity who will be muslim in a time of end times.This time will be after the fall of greater israel,after the return of prophet Issa(Jesus christ),with flesh and blood and soul,peace and blessings be upon him,and govern the world with islam and all the humanity will know the truth, that all the prophets,peace be upon them are muslims for Allah and not jews or christians,buddists or hindu or any thing else.They will embrace islam.

  Allah,give the humanity,for long years now,signs after signs that islam,is the religion,that he want it on universe and earth,of course,we are the muslims,we know those signs in our modern life,but not all,in reality,so i'll show you some of those signs.

  The first sign,is the appearence in North of Germany in a forest, a range of trees,writing with arabic language : La Ilaha illa Allah,Muhammad Rasoul Allah,it's means: there's no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger.This is : Ashahadatayn in islam,that everyone wants to convert,should say it and believe on it,before saying.So many germans convert to islam,after they saw and knowing his meaning,but,the germany government after this,circulate this place with metallic,unwatching wall. The photos is not photoshopped,it's real and i have it now for more than seven years.

In an arabic newspaper,of course,never appeared in english or other language newspaper,because the zionist didn't and don't you know the truth about this life:

The second sign that Allah show us,is a tree also,but this time in Australia,representing a man in prayer in a position of "Rokou3",in the direction to "KAABA" in Mecca,that's every person in the world,when he make a prayer he direct toward "KAABA".Rokou3 is a step in every prayer:

   Third sign that appeared after the Indonesian Tsunami,which i considered not natural and i classify it under the theory of conspiracy against islam religion,is the standing up of the mosquee in sumatra island,all the mosquees are not destructed by the power of tsunami speed which attains 750 km/hour which is a devastatrice one,all the habitants surrounding the mosquees are destructed even luxury houses builded with highest technology and good materials.So many huge ships are brought by the tsunami waves and only the mosquees still standing up.All who entered in mosquees in time of tsunami are still alive,the level of water didn't acceed more than half meter or two feet in maximum within the mosquees,this is reality from testimonies for whose lived the tsunami catastrophy.Of course the international media didn't and never talking about this subject :

     Another sign in indonesian tsunami,is the word of ALLAH with arabic language of course formed by the waves,taken by satellite on Sri Lanla coast :

The name of ALLAH appears in differents things and creatures and places : mountains,animals,fruits,vegetables,space,etc.

  Other sign in Turkey,after the earth quick,only the mosquee still stand up :

In Japan Tsunami,cars forming phrase : In the name of Allah :



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